Om City

I’ve been in doubt (again) about if I am good enough as a yoga-teacher, if I will ever be, and again working on and re-working my teaching, my classes, my expecations… when I watched these little videos on

it made me think and got myself such a great relieve!

YES, we are Yoga-Teachers, we teach people to calm down and be the best you, you can ever be… teach, that we all are on a journey on our way to be free

and YES – we too are – on this very journey, having good days and bad days, doubts and bad feelings, not always as much self-love and self-respect that we should have …

that is because – YES – we are only humans, learning and teaching at the same time,
beeing blessed, having a knowledge of how it could be and
already glimsed at this wonderfull thing in our self called true and deep peace…

but… still – just – human beeings

watch it, you’ll love it!


Beeing deeply gratefull for my life, my path, my love, my friends, my way…
which always leads me to the anwers I need!