In May 2005 I was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension.

I had symptomes already for two years, but it took a very long time to find a doc, able to combine and beeing familliar with this rare dis-ease of the lungs.

When I got diagnosed I did not have the capacity to realise the extend of it, but I understood that I have to do something about the pressure building up in my body and I started taking yoga classes.

In the next three years I spent almost every free minute in the sivananda-yoga-center and took as many classes as possible. In this time – I now realize – I was able to let go of everything. But only on the yogamat…

I never understood what was happening to me. With yoga I opend the door to a little place within myself I forgot about and my healing journey could begin.

In 2008, after a burn-out experience, having lost my job, I decided to do the yoga-teachertraining.
This was the best decision I have ever made! I felt like this is something big for me.

Ever since I am teaching and studying yoga with all my heart.

When it got worse and I could hardly move I started to expand my meditation practice which helped me a lot to understand and gain force for the following situations. My lungs stopped breathing and I was lungtransplanted in 2010.

When I woke up after two weeks of artificial coma, I benefited from yoga-philosophy, b/c I understood that what my mind was telling me is not the truth. Not able to speak I enjoyed the state of mauna, total silence.

I learned to stand and walk again and returned to the yogamat to regain my strengh.

7 years later a chronic repulsion was diagnosed. Again my life changed and I had to undergo an other transplantation. Again yoga supported me. I knew how to move to feel and breath better and to stay calm in the months of decreasing health and waiting for my new lungs.

In July 2018 I got my new lungs and I can see how my mind and body are coping really well with the consequences of the surgery.

I feel how the spirit of ahimsa and self-reflection is helping me on my meditation-cushion as well as on my yoga-mat.

I am rising again with yoga at my side to fullfill the wishes of my soul.